Monday, August 18, 2014

Step 3 Sunday: Smile!

Step 3 of How To be Positive:
Smile. Many studies have demonstrated that even a forced smile can lift one's mood! We might also even share positivity with others by flashing them with a brilliant smile. Smiling is a reward, not a risk. The only thing we risk when smiling is giving ourselves a little more happiness.
This is a little trick I use when exercising - when I hit my limit, I smile. I often fool my body into thinking that I am happy, and I go a little further. If it works while exercising, why not in other parts of life?

I had a lot to smile about today. The internet was slow in my home office so I biked to Dubsea, had coffee and a pastry, and worked there. I got my Petition for Fees done and submitted to the CAVC, half a day ahead of time - that was a great relief.
I then did a few in-person audits, which is remunerative. Finally, I finished up the 4freeCLE newsletter and shipped it.
But the biggests thing to smile (...possibly excepting the petition- that money is good!) was thinking of asking a professional Real Estate photographer friend take photos of the VAPS Medical Mall in its unimproved condition. These would make recruiting contestants for the design easier, and if it helps her make professional contacts, all the better! It's something that needs to be done.

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