Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Step 2.1 Tuesday: Surround Yourself With Positive Influences

Phase 2 ("Surround Yourself With Positive Influences") of How to Be Positive starts with
'Step 1 Use the Law of Attraction. Our activity and thoughts are positive or negative like magnets. As we avoid dealing with a problem, then it continues as it is — or gets worse. Our own negativity rules the day. But, the more we think positively, then the more proactively we will act and reach goals and ways to overcome and accept positive options — and these will bring their rewards..."
Well, I don't go for that whoo-whoo stuff - there's nothing magic about the Law Of Attraction. But it is a fact that I have observed that positive thought and action leads to more of the same, and the opposite is true too. The experiment for today is to practice positive thought and action, and see what happens.
(It's unresonable to expect big change in a short time, but I'll be there can be at least a small bump up.) --- In the morning, I hit the Y and its morning Pilates class. This is definitely a positive influense. During the day, I finished up a bunch of audits and printed the masters for the handouts for Thursday's CLE. This is a very positive thing to work on and when I do, I am working with the positive side of people. In the evening I went to chat with my brother about whatever; it's a short walk and relaxing. So on the whole, I'd say: missing accomplished!

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