Sunday, May 25, 2014

This Week's Memes

The problems with VA Health Care stem mostly from
hugely increasing the population of veterans
without voting the money to serve them.
Just this February, Senate Republicans blocked increased funding.

Trolling is saying crazy stuff to get people angry so you get attention.
It's not just for the internet anymore:
It's the business model of today's conservativism.
What do you do if you're trying to vote but you forgot your ID?
Send your a servant to get one. 
Yeah, Voter ID laws aren't trying to limit voting - LOL.

The GOP blocked expanding VA Health Care.
Dinesh D'Souza's arrogance leads him to the stupidest crime ever,
But Fox defends him. LOL.
Who are client deniers helping?
A Smart Kid Made a Joke in Her Yearbook.
The school didn't figure it out until too late,
so they want to punish her.
What have we learned from this?
(P.S. I added Ms. Curie to this ... just because)

Experimenting with Text-Only memes.
Many people like them. I don't really get them.
It's not the dog's fault her master is a sociopath.
Maybe someday he'll realize that the sadness he feels
is like the sadness his victims feel.

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