Monday, May 26, 2014

TODAY: New Flag for VAPSHC, and New Bike Route for Me!

TODAY my friends at DAV Chapter 23 (West Seattle) replaced worn flags at the VA Puget Sound Healthcare System Community Living Center. I took pictures - being careful not to get any patients or staff in the photos, for privacy reasons.
This project started a few weeks ago, when we had a look at the garden and someone noticed the flags were noticeably worn. At the next DAV meeting, it was pointed out that the chapter didn't have any activity scheduled for Memorial Day. A few days later, I suggested to Cyril that if we're going to replace the flag, why not do it Memorial Day? The idea took off from there - lots of people had ideas - for example, one guy knew a trumpeter who did an excellent job.
The Post Commander led the ceremony, the Vice Commander sort of emceed it, several of the senior members said a few words, including the chaplain. The residents of the CLC seemed to appreciate the effort very much, and even the weather cooperated. This was a good example of getting something done.
I handled the paperwork. The VA is a bureaucracy and paperwork is expected - the volunteers needed to sign in so there was a record of who was there. I also had a camera and wasn't part of the uniformed group, so I got to take the photos, which I enjoyed.
We'll probably do more stuff like this, since this worked so well.
Back at home, Kris was off with her family doing Memorial Day things. I continued with cleaning, gardening and working on my June trips (last night I finalized hotel arrangements; I have yet to work out the car stuff and plan where I'm going for what.)

The weather was excellent: sunny enough but not too hot. It was time to see if I really could bike to the Fauntleroy Y and back.
Getting there was easy; it's mostly downhill and only the car traffic is an issue. I'll work on the route to avoid choke points.
Coming back I had some trepidition, but it was not necessary; the first hill was hard but doable once I got into 1st gear; breathing hard for about five minutes is o.k. since I've been doing that at multiple classes a week for years. The later hills were much easier.
Whether I can bike back so easily after a class is open to question, but having done the hill, I feel that it's worth trying after I get back from my June trip.

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