Tuesday, May 27, 2014

People Who I Know Who Got Shot

Excluding wars and police work, I know several people who have gotten shot. I won't name them because of privacy.
The first person that I know who got shot was a nice, sarcastic but good-hearted woman who lived with her boyfriend, a good-old-boy who was quite intelligent and, true to his heritage, kept a gun by his bed. She had a late night job (my circle of friends was not exactly the richest there is) whereas he had a day job. One night, she got off work early (I think she was sick) and came home. She didn't want to wake him up, because he was working the next day, right? So she doesn't turn any lights on and goes to their bedroom.
He, on the other hand, awoke to hear someone going through their house, no lights on. He prepares to defend himself, takes gun in hand, and when someone comes through the door to his bedroom, he shoots.
She takes the round in the chest and falls. He turns on the late, starts crying and calls 911. She remembers thinking, "I've got to stay alive long enough to tell the police it was an accident, not a fight." She also thinks, "Great, I'm on the floor dying and he's calling his mom and crying that the shot me."
She lives. And she extracts two things from him by this:
A) He marries her;
B) He keeps his guns locked up.
We laugh about this story ("I've heard of a shotgun marriage before, but this is the first time I've ever heard of a gunshot marriage") but there's a lot to learn from this, starting with the simple fact that turning on the lights would have been better than pulling a gun.
The second person I know who got shot was a real asshole. He cheated at SCA fighting - there, I said it. He could get away with it because he was a bully, and no-one wanted to call him on it.
The story I heard was that he got drunk and shot himself. I'm sure it was very sad for his family.
The third person I know who got shot was a co-worker. She was very brittle, and also unhappy. I'm sure that I did not communicate well with her, but I found it impossible to just chat over any joint project. In one conversation attempting to resolve our work issues, she asked me why I thought that we did not communicate well, and I ... interpreting the evidence I had gathered over the years ... told her that it seemed to me that some guy had beat the crap out of her sometime, and on some level that cannot  be controlled, she didn't realize that that guy was not me. She agreed. Eventually our work went separate ways. One day at work my then-boss told me that she had committed suicide. I was sad but not surprised. She had shot herself, which is a fairly simple act, much easier than cutting or overdosing.
This is not a scientific study of people who got shot. Science tells us that if you're around guns, you're much more likely to get shot yourself, or see an innocent person shot, than to see a bad guy get shot. I have never personally seen a bad guy get shot, or known a bad guy personally who got shot. For my personal life and situation, therefore, I choose avoid guns. I don't make a big deal about it with my friends and family who carry, because what the heck. And I don't mind going to a shooting range and putting holes in paper - there's no reason to deny that that is fun.
But I play the odds, and I remember my stories.

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