Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Appellate Record Is 100% !

This week I seem to have won my first appellate case. This means my record is 100% - take that, Thurgood Marshall!
I rather enjoyed the process (although at various times I was quite concerned) and I think I shall take another one. It certainly helped that the screener got me one where the facts fit the law most conveniently - still, I did my part in putting it together.
One thing about appellate cases is that they don't result in actual money changing hands or whatever; the case just gets sent back for another round. But at least my client will HAVE another round, which is fair, and would have been much less likely if I hadn't helped. This is immensely cheering!
I must give a hug shout-out to the Veterans' Pro Bono Consortium Project, which found me a case, provided an excellent work-up, and provided mentors who really made things work. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the Court's case management website worked pretty well, and the technical staff resolved my one issue with speed and good humor. Opposing Counsel was respectful and professional, and never ever snickered when I made a rookie error.
There have been many times in and since law school that I felt I had made an error in becoming a lawyer, and doubted I would find a good role. However, I think I have found something I can do, like to do and can feel proud to do.

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