Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mechanicking at Dan's Garage

A couple of holes
Where the EGR valve was
I stopped by Dan's a couple days ago, and mentioned my Check Engine light was on. He got his analyzer, read the number (P0404) and I google the answer: the EGR value wasn't right.
Dan supervised me removing the valve, cleaning it (ok, he did most of the cleaning). It was a fun experience; I see why people can enjoy working on cars.
My first experience working on cars was being yelled at by my dad, and I never went back. I did try gapping my spark plugs for my red Vega, which was tedious but worked. Other than that, I'd stayed away from the engine.
I'll never be a master mechanic, but I enjoyed thinking through the way the parts fit together and came apart. I look forward to acquiring a basic understanding over time - who doesn't like a challenge?

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