Monday, July 08, 2013

Senator @MarcoRubio - do I #NeedYourPermission to drink a beer? ‎#NYP

I'm a guy but I figure if government is going to make all those decisions for women, why should I be burdened with having to make choices too?
I read that a bunch of right-thinking women were conceding that Republican politicians simply had the right and the power to make the important decisions for them, like where they could get health care and what they should do with their bodies. So they started the #NeedYourPermission movement to ask for permission about everything else:
"If these legislators, Lt. Gov., and Gov want to control our bodies, lets try to give them all the decisions for one day. We will call/tweet/email/FB (or all four) every time we need to make a choice. Up do or hair down? Toast or cereal? The tollway or the freeway to work? Brown bag or buy lunch? What should we eat for lunch? And so on. Try to work in the word choice, too." I said at the beginning. "Choices are hard because I'm a woman! Can the governor tell me if I should have soup or salad?" It became a day of catharsis and object lessons. Some legislators engaged, only to quit when questioned too closely. Some ignored us. But we all banded together, and now we will continue that fight all month. With the help of, who have joined us in our efforts, this event is now national in scale - check out some of the other states, if you can, and see if you can help. You can also work on the national campaign to ask Marco Rubio for his permission. Lets inundate their phones and inboxes with choices. It won't actually accomplish a change, but it would probably make us feel better, and it might annoy their staff for a MONTH. If you are male, feel free to call on behalf of any feeble woman you know. Please join us in calling and/or emailing the governor, lt. governor, and at least one rep and senator, preferably from your district (unless your district is just awesome)."
Now all across the nation, women are asking their politicians for permission, freeing them from the hard work of deciding for themselves.
Men: don't we have equal rights?
Shouldn't politicians be making those choices for us too?
I am never quite sure whether I want a malty beer or one that's heavy in hops. Either choice is good - so why not let a politician decide for me?
The Need Your Permission - Marco Rubio event is July 8, so I've scheduled this post to publish them. Please Senator - tell me what to do!!!!

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