Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mulching The Cat

Imp tests the new mulch and find is restful.
We mulched all our gardens in preparation for the July 14 White Center Jubilee Days Garden Walk and the July 20 Village Green Tour of Gardens in White Center.
While we invested in professionaly-made bark mulch for the rain garden and the patio walk garden that are the main attractions, for everything else we used home-made mulch. Pruned branches and other excess foliage were swiftly converted to effective, all-natural, locally sourced mulch with the aid of an electric wood chipper (and since we ran it during the day, it drew power from our roofs photovoltaic cells - how cool is that?)
We then relaxed, had a beer and pondered how mulch feeds the soil, conserves water and looks good. But we still had something to learn this day.
I'd harvested the rhubarb from one of our half-cask beds before mulching it. We haven't decided what we'll plant next, but the choice was made for us by one of our cats.
Imp (Impromptu Underfoot McCord) jumped into the bed, lay down and proclaimed it hers. Who knew you could mulch a cat?

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