Sunday, July 07, 2013

"Every Time We Gain A Right, We Throw A Party" - the Wedding of Marcia and Wendy

Left to Right: Atty, Marcia, Wendy, Friends & Family!
Our friends Marcia and Wendy, across the street, got married Sunday, July 7, 2013. It was a beautiful sunny day backyard party, featuring friends throughout our neighborhood plus their family, coworkers and classmates (both from college and from birthing class).
Their boy Atticus had his first birthday around this time; enjoying the offered food is an important part of sanctifying the ritual, so I took a big slice of wedding cake and of birthday cake, just to be helpful.
Marcia gave a short speech thanking us all for coming. They had been married before, in another state, and then when Washington legalized civil unions, they got one of those too. Now that marriage equality is here, they held this ceremony so they're fully married in every way.
"Every time we get more rights, we have a party," she said.
Isn't that a good plan?

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