Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Paul Sorey is our Neighbor

The back of our property touches on two properties, and I don't interact much with those who live there. However last year I wondered if I could do something about some laurels that had grown to a very inconvenient height - over 40 feet tall, and shading our back yard.
There really was no alternative except to go talk to the neighbor. I would pitch it as something that would be mutually beneficial - it would let more light into his backyard as well.
It turned out he was a really reasonable guy. He agreed that it'd be nice to bring down most of the stuff, and even volunteered his son to do the work. 
I noticed a lot of metal art stuff around, and asked what he did. It turns out he's an actual professional artist by the name of Paul Sorey. If you get around the Seattle area, you'll have seen it. 
Check out his website at - there's some really neat stuff there. 
AND - he's a very reasonable guy!

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