Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chicken George's Lie Bury

It's Called a Lie Bury
Because It's Where They Want To Bury His Lies
This week, the worst president of the United States gets to have a building dedicated to rehabilitating his actions. It's worth remembering that he chose to invade Iraq based on "intelligence" that he knew was false and that as a result, over 4000 Americans (and God knows how many Iraqis) are dead, over 300,000 Americans have PTSD and/or TBI, and we will all be paying off the debt this incurred for the rest of our lives.
This is not a cause for celebration, but there are still those who deny these plain facts. They insist (against the evidence) that this was merely an "intelligence failure" and not the policy of a man who ordered intelligence agencies to supply information to back him up, even if they had to tie up and torture men into saying what he wanted to hear, and also to suppress the information that did not. He even ordered the arms inspectors out of Iraq because they were two weeks away from completing their proof that there were not WMDs. Today's "conservatives" are a cowardly lot, who just cannot admit the truth: they were fooled by this guy. I suppose human nature just does not change that much.
Fortunately, our new generation is smarter. Thanks in part to technology, they are accustomed to questioning what they are told. They don't dress well, they have too many tattoos, and their musical decisions are highly questionable - but that too is something that never changes - and all we have to do it make the facts available to them, and they will make their own decision about the Bush attempt to bury his lies.

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