Monday, April 22, 2013

Fix Something on #EarthDay

Can you tell which one is repaired?
It's Earth Day. There's a lot of ways we can make this a better world. One small way is to change what we do when something breaks.
Stuff is so cheap, it may not seem worth the time to fix things that break; just toss them and get another.
But on the other hand, is it really a waste of time? Is it any more wasteful than watching television? Isn't any creative act a better use of your time than passive entertainment?
Yesterday, at my house, a wooden hanger fell apart. It has two wood halves and a wire hook; the halves separated because whatever process holds them together failed. I could have thrown it away because they're inexpensive, but instead I got out the Gorilla Glue and put it back together. It took literally 2 minutes from start to finish, and then I set the hanger aside for the glue to cure on its own.
With this simple act, I kept a little trash out of the waste stream, and saved myself the small cost and bother of buying another hanger. If repair becomes a habit, we can live lives that are better in every way!

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