Sunday, April 28, 2013

Battery Recycling Collection Tubes

Simple collectors for used batteries
I stopped by the Redmond Library the other say, and saw these in the hall. In puzzling out why these seem so much better than the little cardboard boxes I'm see for the same purpose, I came up with:

  • They're self-supporting; they don't take up shelf space or table space and can be tucked in small areas. Note how the green one in particular makes use of a space where no-one walks
  • Their footprint is small; because they're tall, they take less floorspace for their volume than does a small box on a table
  • Because they're transparent, we can see them fill up, which is satisfying
  • They have a clean and crisp look that fits the hall decor.
Now I'm going to assume that the materials are recyclible so that at the end of their lifespan, they can be ground up into feedstock for more plastic items. I would anticipate that they could last for years before wearing out. They're a simple idea that should be copied.

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