Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just Say Nay To Decaf!

The Mighty Thor Speaks True!
Many of my Facebook acquaintances (misnomered as "friends", but that's FB for ya!) are conservatives. They almost all are of the "I believe it regardless of facts" sort, and many are of the "Violent Christian" sort: they love guns and hate anyone who's not Christian (although they sometimes figure Jews are o.k. so long as they move to  Jerusalem, so that the 2nd Coming will occur, during which most of them will be slaughtered. But I digress...). One in particular specializes in posting pseudo-Christian esoterica using specialized spellings of Jesus ("J-E-S-U-S" isn't good enough) and insisting that special ritual sayings are necessary to get into Heaven and that being heavily armed is necessary to survive the impending collapse of all that is good and holy (not that anything is good and holy anymore, except for the Faithful Few.) It would be funny if it were not sad.
It is hardly needful to say that he doesn't accept any comment I make about his guns or his religion (Matthew 25:40 lays out the only thing ANYONE needs to do to get into Heaven, but he still insists upon baptism and ritual statements) but somehow we don't "unfriend" each other; I suppose we enjoy the back-and-forth.
And every now and then we can agree on other topics. The other day he posted a condemnation of decaffinated coffee, and I felt compelled to agree. Mostly this is because he was right; it is indeed an abomination, unnatural, and contrary to all that is right and decent. But it was also a chance to bond a little, make a joke, do something other than snipe at each other. We traded quips and it was nice to be able to "Facebook like" something of his for a change; and he returned the courtesy.
Then muse came. She is capricious, and I accept that, I don't question why she had me consult The Mighty Thor on the subject. The image above is the result; to the original image I added only one word, and moved a word balloon.
The joke was a hit. I had fun, and a few others had a laugh. This was probably more useful than a dozen disputes.
There's a lesson here, but I won't be able to figure it out until I have more coffee. EXCELSIOR!

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