Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Voters Just Kept Coming....

...yesterday was the most remarkable day of my time as a polling inspector. The first voter came at 6:31. I welcomed him and said we weren't open for voting until seven. He just silently pointed to his book, which he patiently stood and read until 7. I guess he really wanted to be first to vote.

More voter came as we set up. It was raining and other than the bookman patiently standing, they were waiting outside. In the rain. I waved them inside. By 7, the atrium was full; voters lined up from the polling judges' stations to the doors.

At seven, we began and we never stopped. At 7:22 we had 25 paper ballots cast, and I don't know how many absentee or AVU. No time to check. Keep things moving. There is a line of people waiting for the voting stations; we got some more tables and chairs for people just to sit in the open and mark there ballots.

Every couple hours there would be a slack time with only 3 or 4 people voting. We had a long ballot, with a lot of initiatives, and people took their time.

Around 7:00, the tide went out. There still was always someone voting at all times, but when the polls closed a 8, there was only one.


A delightful way to end in-person voting.

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