Sunday, November 02, 2008

Oath of Inspector: The Final Chapter

Tuesday, for the last time, I take the Oath as Voting Inspector at Mercer Island High School. It's been many years of long days, but definitely something I'm proud of.

Oath of Inspector

"I, the undersigned, do swear (or affirm) that I will duly attend to the ensuing election, during the continuance thereof, as an inspector, and that I will not receive any ballot or vote from any person other than such as I firmly believe to be entitled to vote at such election, without requiring such evidence of the right to vote as is directd by law; nor will I vexatiously delay the vote of, or refuse to receive, a ballot from any person whom I believe to be entitled to vote; but that I will in all thinkgs truly, impartially, and faithfully perform my duty therein to the best of my judgment and abilities; and that I am not, directly nor indirectly, intrested in any bet or wager on the result of this election.

Printed Name Signature Date"
I don't remember when I started doing this; it must've been when I was still living on the Island, and I'm glad I could see this through to the end. We're changing over to all mail-in balloting after this election, which makes a lot of sense, but I'll mess the community feel. The High School staff were GREAT - always helpful and often they plied us with coffee & doughnuts. I enjoyed watching the hurry-blurry of the kids rushing by too; they were polite and curious and full of energy!

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