Monday, November 03, 2008

Look in the Mirror, Red Light was Blinking ....

...them cops was after my hot rod Saturn?

No, that's just a fun rockabilly song by Charlie Ryan. The reality just a couple of hours ago was less fun but more instructive:

Lights Flashing! Signal lane change and pull over. He's not going by! Argh! Pull to curb. Stop. Engine off. Dome light on. Let the nice policeman see everything's cool. Just like the book says ("How to Avoid Speeding Tickets!" by Matt Reynolds ... a useful guide for dealing with police who are, after all, just doing a job). Seattle's not a dangerous place but why be a jerk?

"I pulled you over because your tabs are expired. We are being videotaped. License, Registration and Proof of Insurance".

My first impulse: My goodness, he's so young! He must be a kid, more 20 years younger than me. Wait, that puts him in his early 30s. How could that happen? Thfont-style:italic;">Let my pain save you future pains!

Or: you know that guy who didn't renew his tabs? Don't be that guy!

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