Thursday, November 06, 2008

McCain-Obama Bill Would Be Cool

Senators McCain and Obama will, for the next two months, be in the Senate together. What could better bind up the wounds of this campaign than a "McCain-Obama" Bill?

It might be "only a symbol" but symbols are important. The Senators have expressed a lot of ideas in common, the most important of which is that we all must work together, now that the campaign is over. McCain's concession speech is a classic of graciousness and patriotism, for which I salute him. If you haven't seen it, take a moment - it's worth your time: A McCain-Obama Bill could show the way.

The possible subject matter is broad, since the two agree on many things. Energy independence would be a good, easy but important target. Mandate that 50% of all federal, non-military vehicles purchased use alternative fuels; this would give Detroit a big kickstart into an important technology. A better move would be to renew the tax credit on wind and solar projects.

Or the subject matter might address both the housing crisis and veterans issues, by directing that some of the already appropriated bailout money be used to put the homes of veterans facing foreclosure into a Veterans' Housing Trust, which would continue to make mortgage payments (probably at a rate reset to reflect market conditions), while the veteran rents the home from the trust at a do-able rate, paid if necessary out of the veterans equity share or, if absolutely necessary, by drawing on the resources of the Trust. It's doable if you think about it.

There are plenty of other possibilities. What the subject matter turns out to be is not so important as that there be a start. The bill should be short, simple and to the point, since the goal is to get started rebuilding our great nation.

What'd'ya say? Can we start with "McCain-Obama" Bill?
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