Friday, January 20, 2017

Cuffing BP

I'm delighted to discover that I've lowered my reported blood pressure from "mildly hypertensive" to "higher than ideal" by the simple expedient of using a correctly-size cuff.
 I do not feel that I am a large person nor especially fit. But objectively speaking, I am larger than most people and my biceps are larger than most (I tend to compare myself to others at the gym, who are a very fit lot indeed!) My doctor suspected that the reason my home BP readings were higher than her office BP measures (while most patients have higher office visit BPs due to tension) was that I was using a standard sized cuff. I ordered the new gadget with the larger cuff and ha-ha! BP went down.
Now I'm sticking with most of the BP-lowering life changes we had settled on since I *am* still a little elevated, plus they're probably good for me anyway. But this justifies the decision to avoid a prescription at the outset; a more conventional medical treatment might have had me on diuretics for the rest of my life, which would have been expensive, unnecessary and a little bit risky.
It is a good day!

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