Sunday, December 20, 2015

First Sunday of the rest of life

Today started with driving the ladies to the airport for their surprise trip home. I carefully avoided posting anything on Facebook, lest I forgot and spring the secret early! 
My next choice was to pick up books from half price to distribute at the VA Hospital, but that fell through because the guy who had asked me to pick them up apparently had spoken to someone who was not there now, and the books have been given away. That's unfortunate for the potential recipients, but not really bad for me since they gave me more time to get to work on my home projects. 
I stopped by Pegasus and picked up a couple of books for my evening reading, and the rest of the day spent at home cleaning, organizing and also reading. I am looking forward to working tomorrow and figuring out if I can get morning YMCA class to fit into my schedule. 
Last night at dinner I realized I had this feeling in my stomach that was bubbly and went up through my body to cause my lips to turn. It is called happiness. And I guess it's been a while!

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