Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday the Twelfth

Tuesday morning I got an early start and fired off one small project before breakfast - the rough draft minutes for yesterday's meeting. Then off to the Y to see if Mat Pilates is good for me - it probably is - and back to do a little gardening, and then fact the Monster: billing. Specifically, drafting a petition for fees for my CAVC in sufficient detail.
Once I got started, it was actually fun, as writing usually is, and I sent a draft to my mentor with a few questions.
One issue that came back is the necessity of furnishing evidence that my client has a net worth of less than $2 million; it appears that Congress set that as the maximum at which one can apply for EAJA funds. That's not a bad idea, but it seemed a silly thing to call the client about.

Kris is still down with her mother's; I kind of like it quite around here. For the evening I went to a "Delridge Natural Drainage System (NDS) project" walkabout, and saw a couple of my friends from 17th. The project was an attempt to reach out to the community and figure out how the NDS could be integrated with the practicalities of that street; it didn't directly affect me, but it sure was interesting!

Ablow is just jealous....
In the evening, I wasted time on Facebook. There's a whole lot of strange stories these days, and commenting graphically is sometimes better than text.
My brother Steve wrote some objections to a meme David posted, and after some back-and-forth he said he could do better so I challenged him to do so. He came up with some text, and then I put it on a photo. Well, sort of - I tinkered with his text to make it fit me without (I hope) entirely subverting his thoughts. Well, that's a risk you take when you subcontract!

I had a good talk with Cyril about yesterday's meeting. The mid-level staff were just snowing us, but we got what we wanted I think. I had let the Public Affairs guy drag me into an argument, when I should have just leaned back and nodded, and the funny thing is that the article that came out which he so feared was actually positive. Naturally he complained the next day that it had mentioned some negative things and it was better to say nothing until a real story came along - it's amazing to me that he collects a paycheck!
Cyril had a new idea for a really good project which no-one could object to, but it'll take a little development. Watch this space! 

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