Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday of a New Way

I awoke and went to the morning class at the Fauntleroy Y without any caffeine, but a little lemon juice in water.
Very Rare Anntenna Bird
At the Y
I didn't really care what it the class was, so long as it was something; I find it much easier to conduct an exercise program if I am in a class because I'm just social that way. It was a yoga class, which was great; as I moved through the various poses, I realized that I had not given myself a really good stretch in a couple of years. I could hear some things going, "Oh, yeah, stretching, I remember that!"
I'll have to keep this Monday class on the list!
I had gotten into the habit of taking evening classes at the Y at the north end of West Seattle, but that was merely an accommodation to Kris' schedule, and really, I prefer morning classes, and Fauntleroy is closer. However i love the Zumba classes on Monday and Thursday, and am determined to keep them as much as possible.
Today was a 1 pm meeting at the VA with plenty of planning meetings before hand. Maybe something will come of it.
I drove home thinking I'd get some work done, and I did, but I suppose it might have been better to stop at the Y and burn time until class. Instead, I skipped class. This was not without reward, however; two of the foster children announced to me that it was their last day, and they were going to live with their aunt. One of them wanted to talk with me and it was ok with Julie for five minutes ... I have a very strict rule that everything has to be ok'd by the mom, no exceptions ... and, remembering what Julie had said about these kids and books, I asked the girl if she was taking any books with her. We looked in the Little Free Library, and it was all too young for her - she's reading chapter books - so I said, hm and she asked if I had some chapter books she could have  - and I said check with your mom, and I'll go see. So I found a selection - including Charlotte's Web and several lesser-known titles - and put it in a little Lululemon bag - the one with the child-friendly encouraging comments - and took it over. They all came out and we chatted. They showed me the little photo books that Julie explained was partly to help them have something stable, which made sense, and after high-fives all around, we went our ways.
This is just part of our neighborhood, the children coming and going; it helps me appreciate the Eldar attitude toward Men a little.
Michelle in the 'Hood
(By Melody)

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