Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Original Political Art, June 2013

I love creating political art. Perople just don't read long-winded essay much anymore; Images convey truths in ways words do not. We can reason graphically, if we marry word and image carefully or luckily. All of these images are my own work although, obviously, I started with an image and added to it.

Go vote up Martyrbation at the Urban Dictionary!
Inspired by a commentator on Duck And Cover, I added "Martyrbation" to the Urban Dictionary: "Martyrbation (n): The pleasure of complaining about being persecuted, when practiced by people who aren't actually being persecuted."
This definition was good for a few laughs, but lacked punch until I added it an image of a champion martyrbator from the Family Research Council, who was complaining about how put-upon Christians are.

Then there's the war on women, heating up with crazy talk out of Texas. Let's HELP CONSERVATIVES keep track of how long they can go without insulting women or attacking their freedoms.
Equality of sexuality was also in the news, and it occurred to me that the right to discriminate flows both ways:

Turnabout is fair play

The best line Captain Kirk utters in all his movies deals with his confronting God on an alien planet. The thing claiming to be God wants Kirk's spaceship to fly him back to the Federation, and everyone agrees that's a good idea, until Kirk has the temerity to ask "What Does God Need With A Spaceship?"  Well, the meme could apply more broadly ...
Kirk Dares To Ask

Allegations circulated that Obama is responsible for actions of IRS field offices that he didn't order, but that a sufficiently skilled mind-reader would detect was His Will, PLUS reports that email about Benghazi was faked by a "Congressional source" prompted this handy flow chart: 

Official Blame Obama Flow Chart!
I got thinking about food safety and companies too big to punish...
Health and Safety: Traditional Approach
Then there's the Human Rights Campaign Red Equal Sign symbol. I thought it odd that supporters of equality were slow to appropriate our patriotic symbols. After all, this *is* America and equality is a foundational value (even if scanted in practice)
This makes a GREAT Facebook icon

Then there's Paul Ryan the whiner. He complained that the Farm Bill that he voted against failed to pass. What a maroon!

Seriously: Ryan voted AGAINST the bill,
Then blamed Democrats for its failure!

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