Friday, July 05, 2013

Best Neighborhood Ever!

Kris contributed a cake from scratch,
Featuring berries from our garden
Our wonderful neighborhood had a local party for Independence Day, July 4th. One family set out chairs, some food and a cooler. Eight or ten neighbors drifted by, adding to the table and talking about everything.
A small boy bounced a large rubber ball and chased after his parachuting man, a tiny girl drew an American Flag in sidewalk and sang "Landslide" ("She prefers the Dixie Chicks cover," explained her mother, "But we like the Fleetwood Mac version too".) A 1-year-old showed off his walking skills and goggled at the fireworks.
And the fireworks! Somewhere to the south there was major fireworkage going on, but all around people
Not Fond Of Fireworks Cat
were shooting small rockets and mortars. We may have had a few things going on our street too.
A couple of guitarists took requests, and sang along with the little girl. Eventually the children went to bed, but the fireworks continued.
We gossiped into the night and it was just as well that I could walk home because someone's punch sure packed a punch! I checked out at midnight because I had work to do in the morning, but I would not have been surprised to see the diehards still at it when the sun rose.
In the morning, I found
the lost parachute man
in our tomatoes!
I moved him to the neighbor's
to be mysteriously discovered
 This is not a big deal - just an ordinary neighborhood being ordinary - but isn't that a really big deal?

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