Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grand Orwellian Party in Texas Tonight over SB5 - #standwithwendy

Anyone following the SB5 battle tonight would be struck by the Orwellian tactics of the women-hating GOP.
First they declare that talking about Roe v. Wade is "not germane" to a bill on abortion.
Next they declare that talking about sonograms is "not germane" to the abortion bill.
Then they declare that two "not germane" incidents adds up to three non-germane incidents and so the filibuster is over.
Finally, they take that last few votes AFTER MIDNIGHT and claim they happened before.

This sort of stuff probably happened all the time in the old days, but we're a little better equipped to catch them now. That's why it is SO IMPORTANT to take screen captures whenever you see something.

Here's a screen capture of the official TX website on the bill. Notice how it reports the bill was passed on 9/26/2013 - Wednesday, not Tuesday.

A 2nd screen capture shows more detail - several things happening after midnight.
See http://www.flickr.com/photos/rewinn/9139612299/

But now the TX website has been fixed so those inconvenient details are gone - the dates have been ajusted to fit the fake reality the GOP is trying to impose. Funny thing though: over 100,000 Americans watched the vote on a live feed and know the GOP is lying.
All this so they can keep women from having freedom over their bodies. Was it really worth it?


EDITTED 6/26/2013 - I wish that instead of mere screen captures, I had thought to save the whole page to my harddrive - then I could re-post it to the world. Ah well, live and learn - this will not be the last time the Ministry Of Truth tries to re-write history!

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