Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Silicon Steamer Works Great! A Change The World Wednesday Challenge #CTWW

Our Silicon Steamer
Works Great!
We picked up a silicon steamer a few months ago, and it has become one of our favorite cooking tools. It's a pan and a lid, as shown in the picture, made not of plastic or metal, but of a silicon substance that feels not quite like rubber; it's moderately floppy. You simply load it up with things you want to steam, add a little water and run it through the microwave.
Be careful: it looks innocent but it gets hot!
When I first saw silicon cookware, I confused it with plastic, which you would never put in the oven and would be very reluctant to put in the microwave. Plastic gets soft when it gets hot, and you don't want even a little bit of plastic to get in your food. However, this silicon cookware seems different. It appears to be chemically very inert, and not to affect the food at all.
The convenience of this gadget means that we can minimize food waste, while saving a little bit of energy in cooking.

The inspiration for this post is this week's Change The World Wednesday challenge:

  1. Take a look through your fruit, vegetables and fresh items in the fridge to see what needs using up. Write it all down – it’s easier to keep track that way.
  2. Plan some of your favorite meals around the foods that need using up.
  3. If you need inspiration, write your food list on Mrs. Green's post (you'll find it HERE) and her community will help or ... check out the recipes section at Love Food Hate Waste.
  4. Enjoy some great meals, knowing you are saving money and protecting resources.
This challenge is a good example of the way that green living can result in better living: more frugal, better flavored, less expensive and more nutritional. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices to make the world a better place, but in this case, it's just common sense!

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