Monday, February 18, 2013

Every Gun Is Sacred! Every Gun Is Great!

There is so much silly talk about the sacredness of guns in America that it is no longer possible to have a rational conversation with the gun nut extremists. They are completely impervious to facts or to history, and it's become clear why: they worship the gun.
The gun is their god.
WITH the gun, they have safety; they know what to do; they can be heroes.
WITHOUT the gun, they are weak; they are threatened; they are in fear.
The Holy Gun Church is a death cult; they solemnly proclaim the utter necessity that some be sacrificed so that the Holy Aims be fulfilled. They proclaim that the Sacred Gun protects them, and evidence be damned.
All that is left is mockery and pragmaticism. You can't negotiate with them.
They're like something from Monty Python   ---

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