Thursday, February 21, 2013

#Green Cistern Installed: System Operational!

Cistern At Work!
Our 2nd cistern came in an eye-pleasing green that happens to match our house trim. Why not be stylish?
 I'll have more information later on this later, but basically we passed the inspection so it's all over but the paperwork ... plus ordinary maintenance over time.
Half of our roof drains to this cistern, the other half to the black cistern which is in the back. Overflow goes to the rain garden via top black pipe, and during the rainy season there's a restricted flow valve (blue handle at the bottom) for a slow release to the garden.
This project is part of the Seattle Residential Rain Wise Program. Seattle has a big runoff problem and part of the solution are tiny public/private partnerships like this - the utility gets stormwater control, the homeowner gets free water! It looks a little industrial right now but the jasmine (far left) will grow over it in about a season.
More About Seattle Rain Wise program.

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