Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bus Stop At VA Hospital Has No Shelter

Bus Stop At Seattle VA Hospital
Lacks Any Rain Shelter
The bus stop at Seattle's VA Hospital has no shelter. Let's hope it doesn't rain much up on that hill. Some of those patients are not in the best of health; it is, after all, a hospital!
Who's in charge of bus shelters anyway?
You'll notice that there is a shelter nearby; it's for the valet service, which is an important feature of the place. Disabled veterans who can drive to the place can drop off their cars at the front door and the valet will park for them. This is IMPORTANT because the parking lot is very big and often full; it would be crazy to require veterans with limited mobility to get from the outer edges to the building on their own ... possibly missing ... feet.
If you're going to have a valet service, you need a shelter for the valets. That's just logic; it's rainy here in Seattle, and workers need to be treated well. 
But a shelter for veterans waiting for the bus is important too. Who do we see about that?

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