Tuesday, February 05, 2013

HydroOxygenated Zero Calorie Multipurpose Rehydrating Fluid

Zero Calorie Multipurpose
Hydrating Fluid
Yesterday, a close family member was complaining of dehydration. When I asked how she was re-hydrating, she said someone was getting her popsicles.
Popsicles can be fun, but they are not nutrition. High in sugar or HFCL, they may fool your brain into thinking it's happy but as a rehydrating strategy, they are just stupid (not to mention an extra, unnecessary expense.)
But NOTHING is better at keeping yourself hydrated on a regular basis than the plain old HydroOxygenated Zero Calorie Multipurpose Rehydrating Fluid known as water. Drink it. Drink 8 glasses a day, or some other ridiculously high number. You won't be able to overdose on the stuff; your body has a system for handling that.
I appreciate that sometimes it's hard to get a child or a really, really sick person to drink as much water as they need. Fine, trick them with sweets if that's what it takes! But you and I both know that if you're reading this, you're grown-up enough and healthy enough to do something like Drink Water without an unhealthy enticement.
If you're concerned about electrolytes and "energy" and stuff, then you need to think about Function Omninutrition Organic Delivery System: FOODS! Eat an apple, a banana, an orange, a carrot; get enough variety in your diet and your body will have plenty of whatever you need. If you're short of something, use the internet machine to find out what food has that nutrient, and eat that.
It is not complicated!
Whenever you eat something that has had a nutritional ingredient added, ask yourself: "Why am I eating something so nutrition-poor that they had to add something to it? Why not just eat food instead?"
Your Long Internet Essay Really Changed My MindI suppose I'm just going off on something that's not going to have an impact; the people who will respond to this message are probably already doing it, and the people who won't respond aren't gonna change their minds just because of something they read on a blog somewhere.... but what the heck, that's what I was thinking of this morning, and I just had to get it out.
Drink up!

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