Sunday, October 07, 2012

Pleasures of the Clothes Line

Better than a mechanical dryer, and versatile!
Some things about our clothes line:

  • It dries better than a mechanical clothes dryer. Clothes acquire a nice outdoor smell in addition to being dried.
  • Organization is helpful; the line is slower than a mechanical dryer, but if you plan ahead and do laundry before you need it, that's not a factor. We do have a mechanical dryer as backup (and because sometimes you want to air-tumble some items, e.g. the cats' favorite blankets).
  • Old-school wooden pins (with a metal spring) work as well or better than modern plastic pins. We won't throw away the plastic, but they break over time and we won't replace them except with wood.
  • IKEA "Squidden" is a plastic gadget with eight arms (why isn't it an "octopussen"?) each of which has two clips. It dries a week of socks at once and hangs conveniently from one arm of our umbrella-style clothesline.
  • Ordinary coat hangers to dry shirts hang neatly on the clothes-line's arms; when done, they go straight to the closet. This means no time wasted folding! If folding 5 shirts takes 5 minutes, that's about 250 minutes a year saved, or about half a work day.
  • Primroses planted around the bottom of the clothesline never have to be mowed, are forgiving if I accidentally step on them, and look great! To make room for their roots, I poured the cement plug supporting the line a couple of inches lower than the lawn surface.
  • A pleasant couples experience is hanging the laundry and taking it in together. Like playing cards or  doing other chores together, it's a task-oriented activity that leaves bandwidth for conversation or for silence together.


The Detox Diva said...

Mechanical dryers are almost unheard of here where we live so everything gets air dried. Now that it is winter it is the perfect time to hang clothes outside! I love that I am not the only one who finds the zen in hanging clothes!

EcoGrrl said...

I have the exact same clothesline :) Amazing how much some places charge for these but I got mine at Home Depot for $30 :) My only thing is I still have to fluff them afterwards in the dryer because they are SO stiff (and itchy) afterwards. If you have a suggested remedy so they come out soft let me know :)

(From meet n greet monday)

Small Footprints said...

I love activities that are rather "zen" like ... activities which don't take much thinking but allow one to just be in the moment ... paying attention to the feel & smell of the clothing, folding, stretching and bending. Wonderful! I really like that you've turned it into a couples activity as well. :-) Re EcoGrrl's question, I've heard that putting vinegar in the rinse water will make line-dried clothing less stiff. I can't have a clothes line at my apartment so don't know if that works.

proud eco mom said...

i don't use a dryer,

it's more economical, eco-friendly when we used clothes drier through the air and sun,

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