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October 2012 WSBA World Peace Through #Law Section Newsletter

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October 2012
October 23: Burdens on Families and Children of U.S. Immigration Laws
Attorney Gibbs 
Robert H. Gibbs
The next section meeting features Attorney Robert H. Gibbs speaking on "Burdens on Families and Children of U.S. Immigration Laws".
Although U.S. immigration laws place a strong emphasis on the principle of family unification, in practice there are substantial problems in keeping families together. Harsh criminal grounds of removal for minor offenses or offenses from years ago can lead to deportation of permanent resident parents of U.S. citizens. Limited options exist to obtain legal status for longtime immigrants, even those with U.S. citizen spouses and children without any criminal history. Increasing numbers of unaccompanied children are fleeing violence and turmoil in Mexico and Central America, but U.S. immigration laws provide few options for them to remain safely in the U.S.
This CLE will address the policy challenges and the problematic nature of U.S. immigration law.
October 23, 2012
12:00-1:00 p.m.
Century Square Building - Alki Room
1501 4th Ave., Seattle
Robert H. Gibbs
CLE Credits:
1 general credit
  • Free - World Peace Through Law Section members and law students
  • $25 - Active attorneys/non-section members.
Registration: Register now online to ensure seating!
We hope to see you there!
November 1: Section Social!
Mama's Mexican Kitchen
Come chat, network, and share your business cards and dreams with members and friends of the World Peace Through Law Section.Families+Friends are Welcome!
When:  Location:
Mama's Mexican Kitchen
2234 2nd Ave
Seattle 98121
Everyone buys their own refreshments. Happy hour, running through 6:30, features dinnerworthy appetizers!
Jana Heyd has set up a "one-check" reservation in her name; further reservations are not required but please email her at Jana.Heyd@scraplaw.org so we can ensure seating. Come, bring friends/family, and we'll squeeze you in.
We hope to see you there!

Ralph Bunche & Presidents Award Nominations Open!
Ralph Bunche
Nobel Peace Laureate Ralph Bunche.
The Ralph Bunche award of the World Peace through Law section has been part of the section's tradition since its founding in the 1970's. The award is given to an individual who has shown substantial contributions toward world peace, international law and international human rights. 
Ralph Bunche received the Nobel peace prize in 1949, based on his contribution to mediating an armistice in Palestine at the end of the 1948 war. He also was a major contributor to the draft of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
Earlier recipients of the Bunche award include Professor Roy Prosterman, journalist Ann Stadtler, Robert Araujo,who helped draft the Statute for the International Criminal Court, Jim McDermott, regarding his long record promoting human rights, Ann Fagan Ginger, a prominent author on domestic and international human rights, and many others.
In addition, the WPTL section has had a second award, thePresident's Award, decided by the Chair. Recent recipients include section founders William Hanson and Floyd Fulley,  and Eric Clauson, a long-term member and officer of the section.
Who Should Get These Awards This Year?
Your ideas are needed! Please submit nominations and supporting reasons via mail, email or phone to: Patricia Paul,  P.O. Box 1546, La Conner, WA 98257,patriciapauljd@msn.com , (360) 399-1137 by Friday, October 26.

Who Would Be A Good Young Lawyer Liaison?
Who Is ItThe Section is looking for a member of the Washington Young Lawyers Committee (formerly the Washington Young Lawyers Division, or WYLD) to serve as 2012-2013 Young Lawyer Liaison.
The purpose of this role is a mutually beneficial relationship:
1) integrating new lawyers into the WSBA Sections;
2) assisting sections to develop the leadership and practice skills of new professionals; and
3) connecting the sections with the young lawyers leadership in WSBA.
WPTL grants free section membership to liaisons, encourages the liaison to participate in Executive Committee meetings, and is interested in further coordinating efforts with the WYLC.
This is a great opportunity for young lawyers to network and practice leadership skills, and a very helpful assist to the section.
Who do YOU think would be a good liaison?
You may nominate yourself or another person. Please send a message of interest to the Section Chair Patricia Paul atpatriciapauljd@msn.com.
For more details, read the Official WSBA Announcement!

October 15: IBM, the Holocaust, and the Ethics of Technology in the 21st Century with Scholar in Residence
Edwin Black
Edwin Black.
The Section is proud to co-sponsor "IBM, the Holocaust, and the Ethics of Technology in the 21st Century with Scholar in Residence", a program at the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center
Presented by New York Times best-selling author and award-winning investigative journalist Edwin Black, this two-hour seminar ties the relationship between IBM and Nazi Germany to an exploration of ethical practice and corporate responsibility in contemporary life. The lecture is followed by question and answer session.
October 15, 2012
2:30-4:30 PM, 2:15 PM check-in
The Westin
1900 5th Avenue
CLE Credits:
2.0 general credits
Register ASAP!

October 23: United Nations Association: Current Issues for the United Nations: Moving Toward a Just World
Stéphane Dujarric
Stéphane Dujarric
United Nations Association chapters across our country will honor the 67th anniversary of the United Nations this month. Its Washington State chapter presents Stéphane Dujarric speaking of current issues for the United Nations and how to move toward a more just world.
October 23, 2012
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
University Temple United Methodist Church
1415 NE 43rd St
Seattle,WA 98105
Stéphane Dujarric was recently appointed Director of News and Media for the United Nations Secretariat, with responsibility for the UN's television and radio networks and public website. He previously served as Director of Communications for the UN Development Programme, the UN's leading development agency. Dujarric was named Chief Spokesman for then Secretary-General Kofi Annan in 2005. During his time as Spokesman he conducted daily briefings for the UN press corps and faced questions on a number of crises,notably the Oil-for-Food scandal and the Israel-Lebanon conflict.
Get More Information
Thanks to former Section Chair Martha Schmidt for alerting us to this program!

Corresponding on "Why War?"
By Patricia Paul, Chair, WSBA World Peace Through Law Section
Readers of this newsletter who recall my recent report about lecturing in Vienna, Austria for the54th International Congress of Americanists will understand the backdrop to this article.Patricia Paul on Freud Street
After our symposium and presentations of papers, my daughter, Katherine Paul, and I spent the afternoon with a friend and colleague, Nora Pederson. Nora persuaded us to visit the nearbySigmund Freud Museum, walking distance from the University of Vienna. Taking your photo at the front entrance seemed to be the thing to do, as others were taking turns doing so, before entering the museum.
The Sigmund Freud Museum is located in his former apartment and office and is full of a great deal to view and read, including a small store. We removed our rain gear and hung them in the same closet once used by Dr. Freud!
You could easily spend hours there with the reading room of books published by others on the subject and person of Dr. Freud. One of the several rooms is lined with his original correspondence and published material. 

Freud RoomAs I walked from exhibit to exhibit, my eyes rested on a book published in 1933 in Paris by the Institute International de Cooperation Intellectuelle (League of Nations). Titled "Warum Krieg?" ("Why War?"), it is the correspondence between Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud. It was published in three languages and banned in Germany. 
Highlighted in the exhibit was their correspondence of September 1932, which follows: "And how long shall we have to wait before the rest of mankind become pacifists too?"
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