Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Ohio GOP Attacks Troops Voting Absentee

Ohio Secretary of State bans
 using the email address & phone number 
servicemembers and others provide
to ensure absentee ballots are counted!
Absentee ballots casts by servicemembers and their families stationed abroad are in danger of being discarded, if Republican Secretary of State Husted is allowed to implement his latest directive.
Husted orders that when there is a problem with the ballot (e.g. the signature is hard to read) that the former practice of contacting absentee voters by email, fax or telephone be discontinued. Instead, only a first class mail letter will be sent to the voter.
Military mail can be slow, and it is unlikely to reach some servicemembers in time to fix any problem. There is no rational reason to forbid using the email addresses and phones that voters voluntarily provide when applying for absentee ballots expressly for the purpose of clearing up problems.
Now, Husted's motivation is not necessarily against our troops; he's generally interested in suppressing votes for his partisan purposes. But HE KNOWS his actions will hurt troops stationed abroad, because part 4 of his ukase directs that if someone covered by  Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) is lucky enough to get that snail mail warning of a problem delivered and sends a "WTF?" email back, THEN a reply may be made by email .....  BUT NOT BEFORE!
Husted's is attack on voting will make "collateral damage" out of Ohio servicemembers.
And that's just wrong.
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