Friday, October 19, 2012

Let's not forget that four years ago, our economy was in a power dive straight into the ground, losing 700,000 or more jobs every month.
Obama may be criticized for many things, but under his leadership we are now gaining 100,000 jobs a month and more. Why change pilots now?
Especially when the other guy thinks it's a good idea to keep exporting jobs; he not only is opposed to ending the tax breaks that help pay for job exports, he denies that there exist any such tax break, which is an obvious lie: any businessman knows that business expenses are deducted from income before calculating taxes.
For example, when Bain Capital cruelly forced workers at Sensata, in Freeport Illinois, to train their Chinese replacements, Bain could deduct as a business expense the cost of flying the Chinese workers to America, housing them while here, and sending them and the manufacturing equipment to China. In effect, American taxpayer subsidized the export of those jobs. Isn't that crazy?
I think we should stick with the guy who's turned us around from a negative 700,000 jobs a month to a positive 100,000 jobs a month.

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