Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Voted Today: For America, Against #Romnesia

I was happy to put my ballot in the mail today.

  • No waiting line!
  • The leisure to ponder the issues at the kitchen table, and look up a few things on the internet while deciding.

Most of the contests were pretty easy to decide.

  • President: I'm proud to support Obama and Biden, the team that took over while our economy was in a nose-dive, and got it leveled out, even heading up slightly. Knocking of bin Ladn and most of Al Qaeda, while helping the Arab Spring but mostly staying offshore, showed a smarter approach to foreign policy than the previous band of war pigs. I was amused to see the large number of alternative candidates (Justice! Constitution! and TWO kinds of Socialism!) but the main opponent is a man whose actual views on any subject no-one knows, because he changes them to fit his audience. This might have worked before YouTube, but Mitt is a comic figure now; he can't remember his own positions on most issues. It's funny to call his condition "Romnesia" because it really does seem like he's a sick man who just blurts out whatever his current audience wants to hear, but the presidency is too serious for that. As president, he'd be a disaster because no-one, absolutely no-one could trust him; diplomacy of any sort would be nonsense.
  • Senator: I'm also proud to support Cantwell, a very good senator both for our state and for our nation. Her opponent is a no-name who attacked her for being childless: classy (not!)
  • Representative: Jim McDermott's office has excellent constituent service that I've used to get help for several people. And I admire a guy who released a tape to the press proving Newt Gingrich was breaking the deal he'd made with Congress to avoid prosecution, even if that decision got Jim sued by John Boehner, who was in on the corrupt deal.
  • Governor: I went with Inslee over the guy who tried to knock out Obamacare. The national GOP is opposed to the plan they proposed in the 1980s, and I can't be impressed with any candidate  who won't stand up to them. McKenna's opposition to marriage equality ... or lets be honest, his stand in favor of sex discrimination ... is also a disqualification.
  • Lt. Governor: This was a difficult race. Both candidates accuse each other of corruptly taking money from lobbyists, and I believe both of them. Ordinarily I'd go with the Democrat, but he's anti-choice so forget it.
There were plenty of down-ticket races, and I have to admit I don't really know one judge from another, so I mostly went with the Progressive Voter's Guide.

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