Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Thought: #Obamacare Means You Can't Be Dropped For Getting Sick

Be happy!

It used to be that if you got sick, your insurance company had the chance to drop you when you got too expensive. Yearly limits and lifetime limits were buried deep in the contract. And of course, if your insurance was through your employment, it's not as if you could negotiate the terms anyway.
That's changed, thanks to Obamacare. Even if an insurer starts losing money on you, they can't drop you.
Insurers who wanted to "do the right thing" were at a disadvantage; their competitors could be more profitable by dropping people when they got sick. Think about that for a minute: the system was set up so that people who wanted to do the right thing would be flushed out of the marketplace!
Let's think about what a good thing this is, for us as individuals, for our families, and for our nation!


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Sara said...

It is definitely a good thing. It's beyond me why this actually received opposition.