Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Topics in Digital Law Practice - a MOOC

I just signed up for Topics in Digital Law Practice, a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC), and listened to the 1st lecture (recorded). Since it started a few weeks ago, I have some catch-up to do but should be cruising along with the rest of the class within a few days.

While this course is not registered for CLE, according to its website, that may be just a matter of filling out the paperwork. It's understandable that the organizers either don't want to bother with extra work that can and should be born by participants, or don't want to poke the wasps' nest that may be the CLE enterprise. That's ok; I'll poke it for them! I've just applied for credit for the first hour.

It's patently obvious that live, in-person CLE is expensive, ineffective and untimely in most cases. We would never consult a dictionary, shop manual or mentor that was available only with a month's pre-registration and in another city, and there's no reason to think that CLE should be any different ... other than tradition. I'm used to thinking of 4freeCLE being ahead of the curve, in that I have yet to encounter the hint of anyone else doing anything similar, but TDLP hints at something awfully close, if one but has eyes to see.

I'm amused by the course's advertized appeal to Law Students and Law Faculty, neither of which tend to have actual current experience or immediate need-to-know in Law Practice. However, I may be leaping to conclusions; the precourse surveys and the course wiki may, I hope, reflect actual experience in the field.
We'll see - this is an exciting time to be engaged in life-long professional learning!

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