Monday, February 20, 2012

Free CLE Newsletter - Feb 20, 2012

This, the latest issue of 4freeCLE: The Free CLE Newsletter!, is mostly for my lawyer buddies, but non-lawyers may like some of the free on-demand stuff too.

4freeCLE: The Free CLE Newsletter!Feb 20, 2012
Why Not Earn A Credit Over Lunch?  
Reciprocity Note: if an event is not accredited in your state, you might be able to get credit through reciprocity or by applying to your credit-granting authority. Try BaranLaw's CLE Reciprocity Page
Webinar CLE
In most jurisdictions, webinars qualify for the same credit as live, in-person CLE, while letting you participate from your home or office. Pre-registration is smart, because sometimes the webinar host has a participation limit.
On-Demand CLE
Why not spend part of a lunch hour earning free credit - or merely enjoying these programs for the love of learning?
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In-Person CLE
Unless stated otherwise, credit has been applied for in the state in which the program is located.
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Provider Profile: Dell & Schaefer
This week we introduce a new provider of free CLE: the Dell & Schaefer law firm.

Do you remember the helpful lawyer mentor, seen in movies and on TV, always available to share crusty old wisdom with fresh new associates? Today, it can be hard to find your Rumpole of the Old Bailey, especially if you're in solo practice, but Dell & Schaefer are the modern equivalent: experienced lawyers providing their expertise to all comers, via web video.

You can register for their Disability Insurance Claims course any time day or night and, unlike Rumpole, the video never gets tired of being played over and over!

It would be a better world if more law firms did something like this; 4freeCLE will be happy to publicize any who do!
Kudos to Dell & Schaefer!

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