Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birth Control WTF?

GOP Running Mate: The Pill!
If you had proposed a year ago that the Republican Party would hitch its fortunes to the banning of birth control, I would have said you were a looney.
It's not that I didn't know the anti-Pill faction didn't exist. Many leaders of the Anti-Choice movement condemn The Pill as an abortifacient (...I don't want to link to them 'cuz it helps their search rank, but look it up ... it's there!) but I couldn't believe that a national political party hoping to take the White House would give air time to a bunch of freaks so at odds with the vast majority of Americans.
I was wrong! Little Ricky Santorum ... a man so corrupt and nutty that he was thrown out of office by a double-digit margin ... is now the leading contender for the GOP nomination; unless Lord Rawmoney can buy a lot more friends, the party of Gingrich will be headed by someone who thinks contraception is wrong and states should feel free to criminalize it.
I have a few Republican friends and even some family members, and I feel their pain. This outcome is the natural result of their Party's growing ideological fanaticism; it must be like watching your dog go crazy and start biting people. Isn't it time for the remaining few decent Republicans do pull an Old Yeller, and put their Party out of its misery?

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