Tuesday, February 07, 2012

R.I.P. Don Jones

Don's Truck
Don Jones was the first neighbor to greet us at the house we now own.  "You thinking to buy?" he asked, with his usual economy of words. He drew on his cigarette and said only, "Good house."
He was right. Don was reliable. When he made an estimate on a project, he stuck with it. Once he was installing some doors in our house and unforseeable factors turned it into a two-day job. He waved off any offer for more money (although he didn't turn down Kris' canned tomatoes; he's a character but he's not crazy.)
Don was a very good neighbor. When someone abandoned a stolen car on our block, he noticed; and his report to the police resulted in the owners getting it back before they themselves noticed it was gone.
Doing what he liked best

I admired Don's initiative with his mobile car repair business. He was going to replace the back-up light switch on my car as soon as I picked up the part. Someone else will drive his truck and eventually live in the house he kept so trim, but noone could replace him.

Don Jones (from FB)

A couple of weeks ago we heard Don had had a heart attack and a stroke. Characteristically, he was working on someone's car at the time. He came home after some time in the hospital, but the aid car was called a couple of days ago and he died the next day in the company of his brother and sister.
Rest well!

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Anonymous said...

Don did some great work on my used Mercedes! He worked so hard and was such an honest guy that I tried very hard not to undercut him, because I respected his work so much! I've never come across a mechanic as honest and as hard working as he was! He will be hard for me to replace, but I'm sure that he's much better off now! Heaven couldn't refuse such a nice, honest guy! Rest in peace, Don!
~ Jeff