Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Painting as A Pastime, by William Churchill

This delightful little treasure is worth acquiring if only for its 18 color plates of Churchill's watercolors, but it is the 32 pages of personal reflections of the value of the art as a means of relaxing from a stressful life that turn this into a small masterpiece in the area of self-help.
Those who have not read Churchill may not have realized that his masterful command of the English language makes his works very easy to read; this work shows him making thoughtful points so effortlessly that you don't realize how much practical wisdom you are swiftly absorbing. Churchill's life at the center of his century's great crises was at times very stressful, and in dominating his era, he developed a practical method of relaxation that may be helpful to the many of us who are interested only in mastering our own lives.
This is a very short read, and it will waste none of your time. His methods may or may not work for you, but you will be enriched for having learned them!
I completely enjoyed this book!

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