Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Was In ABA TECHSHOW® 2010 60 Sites in 60 Minutes!

Coming in 2nd to Google ain't bad!
The American Bar Association's TechShow is an annual event for lawyers and the technology that support them. For a decade or more, it has wrapped up with a delightful "ABA TECHSHOW® 2010 60 Sites in 60 Minutes" - sort of like a speed dating session, featuring a panel of experts zipping through some of their favorite websites. I just learned that the 2010 version included my 4freeCLE site was mentioned second ... just after the extremely useful Google Scholar and just before the awesome Ted talks!
Wow! what august company!
(Now if only I could monitize this ;-)
What this shows is not that I'm a scholar or even a TED; I'm just a happy synapse in the global brain, making connections according to my particular set of kinks. Web tech is now such that a small idea such as mine can with very little effort connect into something useful for a large number of people.
So what's your idea? You can do pretty much what I'm doing, just with a different type of information. It's become relatively easy, so you can have disproportionate impact for the effort, which is basically the same sort of fun as lighting fireworks, only more creative!
P.S. hey thanks ABA Techshow for the mention!

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