Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday: Moving Charlotte and Jim

Charlotte & Jim Wilhelm
Charlotte is my friend from the Mercer Island Thrift Store - she's the lead volunteer on books, I'm the "Assistant Book Lady".  She and her husband Jim have lived accross the street from MITS for 49 years, but now are moving to an assisted living facility in Bellevue.
Monday was the day for moving the furniture so of course I helped. I met a bunch of their kids and grandkids, and had fun moving stuff (...moving is very stressful if it's your stuff, but if it isn't, then it's just a chance to figure out the easiest ways to solve physical problems.)
Afterwards, the Wilhelms treated us all to lunch in the dining room. They gave me a couple of yak rugs that didn't fit in their new place, and I'm very grateful for them, since they are just perfect in our downstairs apartment.
Thanks Charlotte, and thanks Jim! I hope you like your new place, and come around MITS a lot!

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