Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Book Collection at the Downtowner

For the MITS big book sale this weekend, we collected a whole lotta books from the basement of the Downtowner, in Seattle. The story is that until a few years ago, an organization used that basement to collect and organized books that were sold in a periodic sale, but their volunteers gradually aged out and the books sat there. Some other organizations had picked over them but we were welcome to take them all.
Today, the same church (Mercer Island Mormon Church) that was organizing the book sale for MITS agreed to send a crew to help collect the books, and I was the MITS volunteer helping organize. It was a bit of work, but also kind of fun ("Fun lies in the mastery of a challenge!"), and I hope the results will be helpful. Here's a few photos; the quality of most of those in the basement is poor, due to low light conditions, but don't the workers deserve recognition!

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