Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bag Of Oranges: Easy Health and Charity

Who doesn't love those little oranges hitting the stores in mesh bags?

I found out by accident that are also very helpful for everyday charity and personal health. I put bought a bag the other day and left it in the car. As I drove about this week doing my chores, I encountered many beggers on the streetcorner. I prefer to give my money to organized charities, to ensure it is used wisely and effectively, but it's hard to look away from people in need.

Now with the oranges, instead of looking away, I handed each an orange. So far, each seemed surprised but happy. I can't read their mind; maybe they'd have preferred cash but not one looked disappointed and each took the orange, so I'm going to keep this up.

In addition, now that I have the bag of oranges in the car, I snack on them instead of some god-aweful stuff from Micky D's. That's a nice contribution to my health!

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