Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Harvest: Front Yard Salad!

Our First Harvest this year was greens from our front and side yard microgardens. We got about a bowl of salad (red lettuce, ragged oakleaf lettuce, and another kind with tiny leaves whose name I can never remember) plus a little bit of chard.

It's not fantastic wealth but it's so satisfying to enjoy what we raised ourselves ... and there's a lot more to come! The labor time is essentially free since I tend the stuff as a work break; the act of planting, watering and tending is very physical and meditative, almost the opposite of writing. Perhaps, just as we have to exercise and stretch the extendor muscles to balance the work we do on the flexors, we have to exercise the part of the mind that deals with little physical things to balance the part that deals with huge abstract things.

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