Monday, July 26, 2010

Fern Migration Today!

Our lovely house came with about a dozen sword ferns, a hardy native pernennial that unfortunately competes for prime garden space. We want to convert our yard into working gardens, emphasizing local edibles, but we don't to waste these ferns. What to do?
Buphalo Tomkiewicz from Nature ConsortiumA chance comment with a neighbor connected us with the Nature Consortium. Their mission is to connect people and nature, and they have a very solid Urban Reforestation Program that eagerly snapped at the offer. The project's Coordinator Buphalo Tomkiewicz came by and took the ferns to a new home (see photo). Technically, they will sit in pots until the ideal time for replanting comes along, but the important point is, they will go into the ground where they belong so everyone's happy!
This is a pretty inspiring experience; instead of wasting the vegitation, we were able to re-purpose it. And we met a nice guy and a very interesting organization in the process. We'll be sure to stop by the Consortium events in the near future!
Here's a video from their site that amused me:

Learn more at their Forest Restoration Project!

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