Friday, May 14, 2010

Workstations vs. Playstation

The Problem
Working at home it's awefully tempting to be distracted by the wealth of little tasks that need to be done but don't directly affect the outcome of professional work. It's gotten worse since my work turned more to writing on the internet, dropping some physical work that at least got me away from internet distractions. It's just too easy to take a moment away from my professional work to do a small non-work task, and then another, and then another ... pretty soon it's late in the day and nothing has been done. It's not lazyness, it's just a response to small and real instant gratifications.

The Solution
I'm trying is to differentiate between a workstation (my main computer) and a playstation (my sickly little laptop.) I resolve not to physically do any non-work on the workstation. This may be an arbitrary rule but if I have to physically leave the workstation to goof off, I may goof off less.

So far, it's worked. I put in a lot more solid work hours yesterday and today than in the three days before. Let's see if it keeps working!

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