Monday, May 17, 2010

Planted This Weekend

The Coral Bark Maple we'd been given in December went into the ground this weekend.coral bark maple It seemed much relieved; they say on the internet that it would be happy as a container plant but the tips of the shoots were turning black, and that can't be a good sign.

We put it in the southeast corner of the lot, where it'll get shade from the overgrown laurels part of the day, and will provide a colorful background for whateverelse we put in the backyard.

I also put into the ground some of the sunflower starts from a while back. They gotten lost in the move and surfaced in the process of planting the coralbark (...there was a lot of re-arranging and putting-away needed to clear out that corner.)

Another of the tomato starts went into a pot, giving us three now growing. Our plans to grow huge lots from seeds fell to the practicalities of moving, but we'll be better organized next year since we won't be moving!

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